$750,000 Verdict for Medical Malpractice Claim

John Abaray and Abaray, Craddock & Smith, PLLC obtained a $750,000 verdict on a Medical Malpractice claim in Pikeville, Kentucky on July 28, 2022.  The Plaintiff had previously had his right leg amputated.  He presented to a podiatrist at Pikeville Medical Center in 2014.  By March of 2016, he had developed osteomyelitis (infection in the bone) in his left foot and ankle and it was left untreated by the podiatrist.  Unfortunately, he had his left foot and ankle amputated in October of 2016 due to the untreated osteomyelitis. The lawsuit was filed in March of 2017.  The original trial date was moved several times due to complications arising out of covid.  The trial began on July 25th, 2022.  The jury heard from the Plaintiff, his wife, the Defendant Podiatrist, and Plaintiff’s two experts: an infectious disease doctor and a podiatrist. After hearing the Plaintiff’s case, the Defendant Podiatrist produced two podiatry experts and an infectious disease expert and closed the Defendant’s case.  Following the close of the Defendants case, the parties went to closing arguments as (seen below).  The jury ultimately found in favor of the Plaintiff awarding $750,000.00 for pain and suffering after 4 hours of deliberation.