Firework Dangers and Injuries on the Fourth of July

What’s more American than apple pie, baseball, and fireworks during the Fourth of July
celebrations? While popular among many Kentuckians for their Fourth of July celebrations,
fireworks ignited by non-professionals can often be dangerous and lead to serious injuries, such
as burns, lacerations, scarring, and ear or eye damage.

In Kentucky, there are few restrictions on the type and use of firework. For example, you must
be 18 years of age to buy and set off fireworks in Kentucky, and you cannot ignite fireworks
within 200 feet of any home, vehicle, structure, or another person.

But even the legal use of fireworks during Independence Day festivities can be dangerous
According to the United States Consumer Product Report Commission’s findings from this year
that between 2006 and 2021, injuries with fireworks climbed 25% in the U.S., according to
estimates. In 2021 at least nine people died, and an estimated 11,500 were injured in incidents
involving fireworks according to the CPSC Report.

Abaray Craddock & Smith PLLC wishes everyone a happy and healthy Fourth of July. In the
event, you or a loved one is needed over the holiday weekend, we are available to take your